Friday 28 July 2017

Annual Visit of Sifu Baker to Beccles Classes July 2017

 The seminar was split into two classes one Wing Chun Kung Fu and
 the other for students who study Wild Goose Qigong.   

Everyone got a opportunity to Chi Sau with Sifu








                                          Wild Goose Qigong students learning
                                            the importance of correct posture. 

You see older folks tend to hunch over and Qi escapes from the back

More upright is better for you

Sifu Baker explaining about where the weight is

Hips to forward

Need to come back on the heels

             Sifu correcting posture and correcting weight

Sifu Natasha Etheridge (left seated). Sifu/Sigong/Tai Sigong Mike Baker (seated right)
with Sifu Eric Paule's Wing Chun students and Sifu Natasha Etheridge students.

 Dear Sifu

I wanted to tell you how much I enjoyed and learnt from the seminar held by my Sigong when he visited us in Beccles.

As a newer member to Qigong his teaching really helped me understand what my body is doing during the exercises.  Particularly how the breathing is so important in completing the form.  Since the seminar I have found that by concentrating on my breathing it has helped me to be in a better position and be more relaxed and meditative.  This has also increased my understanding of opening up the meridian to release the Chi.

I would say that I still have a long way to go especially on my posture, but as Sigong (and yourself) says the more you do the more it will come naturally to you.

Thank you for a wonderful evening.

Best wishes

Really good to see Sifu back in Beccles. Sifu ability to get that angle just right as to gain the centre is inspiring and something to aspire too. Which only means more practice. A good evening had by all. 

Hello this was the second time I have attended Tai-Sigong's seminar and I would like to point out how much I learnt again.

Tai-Sigong's seminars are invaluable and offer a great insight on getting the fundamentals correct I.e Structure,Centerline, Posture.

I would really recommend any of Tai-Sigong's seminars as you never stop learning.

On a personal note I would like to say how much of an honour it was to Chi Sau with Tai-Sigong again, one day I hope to be at that high level. 

Kind Regards

 The seminar was very informative. Tai Sigong Baker expanded on some of the key concepts of Chi Sau. Such as getting to the centreline and the importance of sensitivity which I found to be helpful for my own practice  and development of Chi Sau – Sam 

I really enjoyed it and learned more than I expected. Was happy to see my Wing Chun brothers and sisters are all getting better and can’t wait for next time – James 

It was another informative session with Tai-Sigong. He covered important ground like elbow position and finding your opponents centre during Chi Sau. There was a lot to think about and I came away knowing I still have a lot to learn – Neil 

I found the seminar extremely rewarding, I was able to Chi Sau with Tai-Sigong and learn some subtle valuable tips about what I can do to improve my Wing Chun. It was an incredible experience and I found it to be awe inspiring. I would also like to thank my Sifu Eric Paule for his tutelage and for giving me this opportunity – Robin 

This was my first seminar, and it was way above my expectations. I learnt so much and came away with lots of food for thought and it had encouraged me to further develop my Wing Chun studies – Oliver

Thank you Sigong for another informative and exciting seminar in Beccles. Where old and new student's got to see, touch hands and ask questions of Sigong/ Tai Sigong. A really enjoyable experience for us all. 

Just wanted to say a big thank you to Sigong Mike Baker for another great evening. 
This is the second workshop we have attended and each time we have come away with a lot of insights in how to improve our practice.
Many thanks
Paul & Fran

It was great to see Sigong Baker arrive for his annual visit to Beccles.
After introductions he talked a bit about Wing Chun and Qigong,then everyone was able to ask questions on whatever art they were currently studying.
Sigong answered everyone's questions concisely and to their satisfaction. 

He then went on to show the Qigong students Balancing Gong, and the Wing Chun students
were shown how to keep correct structure and the importance of this when chi Sau'ing.

It culminated in Sigong Ch Sau'ing with everyone who wanted to Chi Sau with him, and as usual
his skill is of a very high level and everyone enjoyed themselves and had a very good time and learnt so much.


If you want to learn Wing Chun Kung Fu, Wild Goose Qigong, Chun Yuen Quan classes are taught in
The Garden Room, Beccles Methodist  & United Reform Church, Beccles Suffolk

Sifu Natasha Etheridge
Thursday 6.30- 9pm
Wild Goose Qigong, Chun Yuen Quan and Wing Chun Kung Fu              

Sifu Eric Paule
Wing Chun Kung Fu

If you live further afield Sifu Mike Baker hold his classes in Cambridge

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