Thursday, 2 June 2016

Beccles Classes Seminar May 2016

Tai Sigong explaining structure of  Wing Chun stance
Getting the correct hand position 

Testing each others structure 

Tea and cakes at seminars

 Everyone got a chance to Chi Sau with Tai Sigong 

Whose got the centre?

Tai Sigong correcting the Fuk Sau 

Wild Goose Qigong 

Explaining about Horse Stance 
Correct Horse Stance
Old Tree with Winding Roots
from Balancing Gong

(Series of exercises created by Master Michael Tse
of the Tse Qigong Centre)

Chun Yuen Quan

Sifu Mike Baker showing a move from first form called 'Xing Sau' means style or shape of hand. One of the bare hand forms from Chun Yuen Quan ( Northern Shaolin Kung Fu Fist )

 Chun Yuen Quan  is very good for health and will make the body light and flexible and also improve the posture and make the joints strong. Internally it also builds up strong circulation and Qi. 

Fully prepare to fight

Golden Eagle spreads its wings

   Sitting front row left to right: Sifu Natasha Etheridge,  Sifu Mike Baker
Joined by the Wing Chun Kung Fu students of Sifu Eric Paule and students of Sifu Natasha Etheridge


Students Comments:

After a stressful month, we can honestly say Sigong Mike Bakers seminar was the breath of fresh air we both needed. 
Although we were the only two students attending for Qi Gong, the teaching and support we received during the evening felt like a private lesson. 
We came away from the seminar invigorated, with a greater understanding of how subtle adjustments can make big differences to our practice, and the importance of "not just going through the motions".  
A big thank you  to Sigong and Sifu for such a great evening!
Paul & Francine

It was great to see Sigong again for his annual visit. His explanation of posture and technique regarding Chun Yuen was invaluable, as were his comments about the subtleties of correct stance to maintain structure in Wing Chun’s opening stance. We look forward with great relish to his next visit’. Eric and June

  ‘Great seminar – I learnt so much. Big thanks to Tai-Sigong for sharing his experience and skill with us’. Neil

  ‘I found the seminar very useful in my journey of Wing Chun. It was a pleasure to Chi Sau and to learn with Tai-Sigong Mike Baker. I would recommend to anyone to attend a Wing Chun seminar’. Gary

It was a great opportunity to meet Tai-Sigong and I feel that his experience taught me a lot. I thoroughly enjoyed the experience and look forward to further seminars in the future’. Sarah

It was great meeting Sigong and Tai-Sigong, I really enjoyed the seminar and discovering just how important my stance is in maintaining stability’. Simon

I did enjoy the seminar, and I'm happy to have met my Sigong and Tai-Sigong. Thank you, I really enjoyed the lessons and I'm sure it will help stop people from hitting me in the face as much’, James

Very enjoyable seminar. Really good to see Sifu back in Beccles and having three generations of students altogether and four generations with Sifu. Natasha 

Classes taught in Hungate Hall, Beccles, Suffolk NR34 9TT


Sifu Natasha Etheridge

Sifu Eric Paule 

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