Friday, 5 April 2019

Sifu Mike Bakers Visit to Beccles Classes March 28th 2019

Students were divided into two groups, Wing Chun and Wild Goose Qigong. 

Here are the Wild Goose students practicing Peeping Monkey. 
A exercise from Balancing Gong.
A series of exercises created by Master Michael Tse 
of the Tse Qigong Centre. 

Sifu explaining Jyun Ma -turning stance

Sifu Baker explaining how important correct foot work is. 
If you don't have the correct weight re your foot work, you can be controlled easily
 by being pulled by an opponent.   

But with correct footwork not possible to be pulled

Trying out some Faai Ma - quick step

Working together on a application

 Students have opportunity to Chi Sau with Sifu 






   Students attending seminar with Sifu/Sigong/Tai Sigong Mike Baker
         seated left. On right seated Sifu Natasha Etheridge

Comments from students who attended the Seminar

It is always great to see Tai-Sigong (Mike Baker) come to Beccles to 
hold a seminar, and as usual he didn't disappoint. I gained insight into 
the clearness of how Sui Lim Tao (first form) should be performed, and a 
superb explanation and demonstration of Fa Ging (releasing power) in the 
second section of Sui Lim Tao. I also gained some knowledge with 
applications, and will definitely pass this onto my own students.

Not only did we Chi Sau, but Tai-Sigong answered many questions relating 
to Wing Chun and also Qigong which helped immensely and clarified 

I thoroughly enjoyed the seminar, and would to thank Tai-Sigong for 
taking the time to come to Beccles, and also would like to thank my Sifu 
(Natasha Etheridge) for arranging it all.

I look forward to the next visit.


James: ‘I had a great time. I learnt so much from attending 
this seminar, and would like to thank my Tai-Sigong Mike Baker for the 
very subtle corrections that have now improved my Chi Sau’.

Nick: ‘I thoroughly enjoyed this seminar and for me the mixture 
of Qigong and Wing Chun was quite enlightening; a buffet of knowledge’

Robin: ‘The seminar was informative and clear, Tai-Sigong Mike 
Baker was an inspiration for my learning of Wing Chun and gave me some 
very invaluable advice. I would like to thank my Sifu Eric Paule for his 
continued support of my learning and also thanks to my Sigong for 
putting on this seminar’

From the point of view of a new student who knows little about wing chun, I throughly enjoyed the evening wishing it could have lasted a little longer. I know now just how much there is to learn and how good, informative and precise the instruction was. I'm totally fascinated and hooked! Many thanks  Ross

Really good to have Sifu back in Beccles. He explained having the weight 
on your heels when doing Balancing Gong really changed the energy
and and brought new insights to practicing this form. 
You always come away with new understandings 
from attending seminars to improve your own practice. 


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