Thursday, 26 June 2014

Sifu Mike Baker's Annual visit to Beccles classes

Classes spilt in two, Wild Goose Qigong and Wing Chun Kung Fu.
Sifu demonstrated Siu Lim Tao and then questons were asked.

  Getting the correct measurements.

 Eric is doing a move called
Waahng Laahn Sau- Horizontal blocking hand.
 Sifu explaining how to do the move after Waahng Laahn Sau which is Pek (means chop)

 June has Paak Sau Stewart's punch

and now she chops to his throat. Learning to get correct distance and positioning.

Mark is testing out distance using Erics hand thats blocking.

 1) Eric punches, Sifu Baker Paak Sau Erics punch                 and carries on to chop at Erics throat

Sifu explaining that Paak Sau to close                                           Correct Paak Sau

Jo Seuhng Gaan Sau - Upper left blocking hand
Yauh Seuhng Gaan Sau -Right upper blocking hand

 Yauh Hah Gaan Sau - Right lower blocking hand

Not correct Gaan Sau as its to close to body and 
collapses the structure
                                              another example of incorect positioning

Students comments:

I really enjoyed Sigong Mike Baker's visit to Beccles. I learnt a lot from him polishing two of my qigong forms. He gave some great advice and pointed out some very useful (and subtle) things.
 I look forward to incorporating it all into my practise.
Thank you,

"It was with great anticipation that we awaited Sigong's third annual visit to our class in Beccles. As usual the wait was definitely worth it. It is amazing at how Sigong is able to explain the subtleties of Wing Chun and Qigong in a such a simplistic and easy to understand way. Each question was answered in depth and with a demonstration. Sigong's frame belies his power which is incredible. In one Wing Chun demonstration he performed a simple push that felt like I'd been knocked over by a small car...amazing!

The clarity that we learned with regards to Wing Chun and Qigong was very important. These tiny little adjustments make all the difference to our forms and it is astounding how you manage to always find something that you'd never really noticed before when watching Sigong.

The only complaint that we have is that someone seems to be moving the clock hands forward, as the time went so fast that we couldn't quite believe that two hours had gone by in what seemed like the space of a moment.

We are looking forward to Sigong's return visit next year, and look forward to learning more about the arts that we love so much whether it be Wing Chun, Chun Yuen or Qigong. Many thanks for your help as always Sigong, and many thanks to Sifu for arranging the seminar.

Kind Regards
Eric and June Paule 

I learnt alot from Sigong's visit. Now I have to try to put into practice what I have learnt.

Another great Seminar, I was able to see the nuances of Wing Chun from a different perspective.
More please!
Mark B 

'Really lovely to see Sifu back for his third year. Sifu managers to relay simply how forms should be and so the learning process is deepened for the experience. Much to digest. 
Sifu Natasha Etheridge

Wing Chun Kung Fu taught in Beccles 
@ The Garden Room, Beccles Methodist & United Reform Church
Hungate, Beccles NR34 9TT

Every Thursday 8-9pm

Contact: Sifu Natasha Etheridge
07961 033357

 Also taught is: Wild Goose Qigong  & Chun Yuen Quan

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