Friday 26 July 2013

Sifu Baker's visit to Beccles to give Seminar

Beccles class photo
 Hungate Hall, Beccles
18th July 2013
Seated from left: Sifu Mike Baker and Sifu Natasha Etheridge
2nd row from left: Steve, June, Stewart
At back from left: Mark and Eric

The photo's below are of Beccles Wing Chun class
 students Chi Sau with Sifu Mike Baker

Chi Sau
Learning an application

Applying it

Students Comments:
Stuart: It was very enlightening.
Steve: Informative, inspiring, motivating and a real ability leveler.

"It was great to see Sigong come back to Beccles for his second annual visit. It was much anticipated, and definitely worth the wait. Everyone took something away from the seminar in the form of knowledge on their chosen art, whether it be Qigong, Chun Yuen or Wing Chun.
I personally gained clarity on aspects of Chun Yuen and Wing Chun, and June gained the same insight for Wild Goose and Wing Chun.

The time flew by and everyone was disappointed that Sigong had to leave, but were extremely happy with the knowledge and clarity that we gained. The evening culminated in a splendid display of the second form in Wing Chun...Tsum Kiu. We look forward to Sigong’s next annual visit, and sincerely thank him for his time."

Eric & June

Always good when Sifu visits. Everyone including myself benefit from the insights and deeper understandings of the forms we're learning. A really good seminar and enjoyed greatly.

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